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Register Now for MCIC’s 2013 NC Air Quality Compliance Workshop
Added 02-08-13

Don’t miss the 2013 Air Quality Compliance Workshops co-sponsored by MCIC and the North Carolina Division of Air Quality (DAQ).

The Workshops will be held on Thursday, March 14, 2013 in Hickory and on Thursday, March 21, 2013 in Raleigh.

For additional information and to register for either 2013 Air Compliance Quality Workshops go to our web site at: http://mcicnc.org/AQ_Workshop/index.htm.

For this year’s program, the DAQ staff from the permitting section has developed the agenda. So if you have any questions about permitting issues or compliance in North Carolina, this is the program to attend.

The morning and a portion of the afternoon session of the Workshop will focus on issues common to all regulated air emission sources. Among the topics that DAQ staff will cover this year are:

- DAQ Directors Update
- Rule Changes for 2013
- New NAAQS Promulgation, Designations and Implementation Issues
- Update and Implementation Issues with Major Source Boiler MACT/Area Source Boiler MACT/CISWI/NHSM Rules
- MACT and NSPS Update for Engines, and DAQ Survey Form Analysis and Follow-up for Engines
- Implementation of Air Toxics Legislation and Rulemaking Status
- Regional Offices Perspectives/Issues in Air Quality
- Air Dispersion Modeling Update in Permitting
- Update on Compliance, Enforcement, and Source Testing
- Ambient Monitoring Update
- Economic and Environmental Benefits of Energy Assessments
- Enforcement Panel

Later in the afternoon, Workshop attendees will have the choice of attending one of two concurrent sessions. The concurrent session for Title V sources will focus on issues specific to such sources. The concurrent session for non-Title V sources (synthetic minor, small, and area sources) will focus on area source GACT requirements, enforcement, and permitting issues specific to such sources.

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