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Environment 2013: What Are the Emerging Contamination/Waste Issues?
Added 01-30-13

2013 year is sure to bring a number of significant changes in the areas of waste and contamination. Areas where changes may occur are in vapor intrusion, waste management and cleanup, brownfields/due diligence and issues related to real estate purchases. . In another in the series of articles addressing this year’s major environmental issues, the environmental team from MCIC Business Partner, McGuireWoods has identified contamination and waste management issues to follow in 2013

The entire article is available online at: http://mcguirewoods.com/Client-Resources/Alerts/2013/1/Environment-2013-Contamination-Waste-Management-Related-Issues.aspx

The contamination and waste management issues discussed in the article include:

Vapor Intrusion
• EPA Vapor Intrusion Guidance
• State-Led Group Delays Vapor Intrusion Guidance
• Reopening of Closed Remediation Cases.

Waste Management and Cleanup
• Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest System Regulations
• Management of Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals
• State-Level Regulation of Pharmaceutical Waste
• Coal Combustion Residues (CCR
• RCRA Challenge Prior to Enforcement of Order
• Hydraulic Fracturing

Brownfields/Due Diligence
• New ASTM Phase I Standard
• Possible Changes to Forest & Rural Land Phase I Standard
• Brownfields Grant Funding

Real Estate Purchasers
• Circuit Court Appeal of BFPP Case
• EPA Enforcement Discretion Related to
• State Notification Programs

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