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NC Mining & Energy Commission Begins Work on Fracking Rules
Added 01-29-13

The N.C. Mining & Energy Commission completed two days of meetings Jan. 25 and expects to continue discussions in March about requirements for chemical disclosures, water testing and wastewater disposal involved with hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) The News & Observer reported Jan. 25, 2013.

The Commission is considering what its members say would be among the nation’s strictest rules governing shale gas exploration using hydraulic fracturing as the panel delves into the arcana of updating the state’s 1940s-era energy regulations.

The technology remains controversial and won’t be legal in North Carolina until the Commission writes about 100 regulations to govern the practice, and the state legislature signs off on the regulatory program. The commission has a deadline of October 2014 to complete its task.

The Commission has begun discussing what its members say would be the most stringent standard in the nation for well water testing before drilling and fracking could get under way. It is proposing that a drilling company, at its own expense, test every water source within 5,000 feet of a natural gas wellhead.

Commissioner George Howard said the Commission could vote as early as March 8 on the first of the proposed rules, but other members said they’re not that optimistic they will be ready.

Read more at: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/01/25/2633396/fracking-board-set-to-propose.html#storylink=misearch

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