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NC’s Green Energy Policies Could Be Rolled Back
Added 01-29-13

Conservatives have grumbled about the state energy law that mandates renewables and efficiency programs ever since it was passed in 2007 with Democrats in control. This year, with a solid majority in the legislature and an ally in the governor’s mansion, Republicans hope to roll back the state’s green energy policy, The News & Observer reported Jan. 28, 2013.

In the legislature, Republicans have plotted for several years to freeze the requirements that obligate Duke Energy and its subsidiary, Progress Energy, to use energy alternatives to meet customer demand. These include solar, wind and landfill methane gas, as well as paying financial incentives to customers who buy energy-efficient appliances.

Leading the repeal effort is Rep. Mike Hager, who chairs the House Public Utilities Committee and is a 17-year veteran of Duke Energy. Hager and other critics say clean energy laws raise electricity rates by forcing power companies to buy more expensive forms of electricity.

Electric utilities had to supply 3 percent of their retail sales from renewables and efficiency programs as of 2012, and Hager wants to freeze the mandate at that level. As currently written, the law will require Duke and Progress to supply 12.5 percent of retail power sales with renewables and efficiency programs.

The full story is online at: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/01/26/v-print/2633769/ncs-green-energy-policies-could.html.

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