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Environment 2013: What Are the Emerging Water Issues?
Added 01-25-13

Courts, EPA, state agencies, environmental groups and individual citizens will face new and difficult questions involving stormwater, nutrients, wetlands and water rights. In the third of its series addressing this year’s major environmental issues, the environmental team from MCIC Business Partner, McGuireWoods has identified the water issues to follow in 2013.

Topics addressed in the article include:

Nutrients and Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL)
• Florida’s Numeric Limits
• Use of Surrogate Parameters to Establish TMDLs..
• Nutrient Trading.
• Secondary Treatment Standards for Nutrients

• Jurisdiction by Guidance or By Rule?
• Challenging Jurisdictional Determinations.

• Post-Construction Stormwater Rule.
• Transfer Rule Lives … For Now.
• Federal Agencies and Stormwater Fees.

Other Issues of Note
• 303(d) Impaired Water Designations.
• Utilities and Cooling Water Intakes.
• NPDES Permit Rule Revisions.
• Fracking Study.

The complete article is available at: http://mcguirewoods.com/Client-Resources/Alerts/2013/1/Environment-2013-Water-Issues.aspx.

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