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We Need Your Ideas on "Regulatory Reform" in North Carolina
Added 01-18-13

The Council has already begun work on its regulatory reform proposals for 2013 and 2014. We are reaching out to our members to see if there are nonsensical regulatory issues that are negatively impacting your operations' competitiveness or your ability to expand your operations in North Carolina.

We encourage you to confer with others in your company on this request. Regulatory reform is not limited to environmental regulatory issues. We are interested in pursuing ANY reforms that would enhance your ability to increase jobs and grow your business.

You can submit your ideas electronically via the form below, or by contacting Preston Howard at the MCIC office (919-834-9459), email <preston.howard@mcicnc.org>.

All information provided will be treated as confidential and not shared by MCIC without your specific permission.

My ideas about possible regulatory reform in North Carolina

Name: <Optional>

E-Mail: <Optional>

Phone: <Optional>

Company: <Optional>

Please briefly describe the state regulatory issue that is affecting your operations in NC.


How do other states where your company operates deal with this regulatory issue?

How does this regulatory issue negatively impact your company's profitability? <Optional>

How does this regulatory issue negatively impact your company's ability to increase jobs or retain existing jobs? <Optional>

I would be willing to confidentially discuss this issue in more detail with MCIC President Preston Howard.

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